Overview of the Screenwriting workshop

This one-year professional programme for 21 participants, selected by competitive exam, split into three workshops, is directed by screenwithers and script docteors Jacques Akchoti, Eve Deboise and Nadine Lamari. The workshop aims to show participants how to write a long-feature screenplay and also acquire tthe techniques and skills required for screenwriting.

Target audience: writers, directors and professionals working in the audiovisual and performance sectors.


  • Develop and write a screenplay for a long-feature fiction film for the cinema.
    Explore the specific components of screenwriting: structure, dramatic composition, characterisation, etc.
  • Cultivate your imagination and a personal working method. Broaden your knowledge of screenwriting.
  • Consider the place of the spectator.
  • Learn to present and defend your project in professional situations.
  • Acquire the analytical and critical skills for reading screenplays.


This workshop is opened only to French-fluent participants who will work on a French-written screenplay.


Carine Burstein
Project Manager
+33 (0)1 53 41 21 12