Cultural institutions

La Fémis has forged close relations with several reputable cultural institutions which provide assistance distributing the films made by our students.
La Fémis garners close relations with several reputable cultural establishments whose contribution above all provides assistance with distributing the students’ films.

These institutions include:

  • the Agence du Court Métrage that has added a selection of the students’ film to its catalogue,
  • the Cinémathèque française which each year hosts the public screenings of the films made by the graduates and invites students to participate in the Cinémathèque’s technical conferences,
  • the Forum des Images screens a selection of the students’ films,
  • the Centre Georges Pompidou organised a ’Carte Blanche’ screening a selection of the films made by La Fémis students from several years. The Centre Pompidou also partners up with La Fémis for special projects: for example, some students took part in the Spiritisme project by Guy Maddin, a Canadian filmmaker, in early 2012 (production design, shooting and sound production of over 30 films directed, the filming of which visitors to the Centre Pompidou were invited to watch).
  • the CND (Natonal Dance Centre) - Pantin: a close partnership was established in three key areas: “Dance and Cinema” seminar for students at La Fémis and choreographers and dancers in residence at the CND; one student from La Fémis also has the opportunity to make a film following the activities at the national dance centre over a year as part of an open creative residency; the Centre’s archives are also made available to editing students for their final projects.

The School is also linked with various institutions for organising cultural activities aimed at the general public (the BAL with the Fabrique du regard, La Péniche Cinéma, and so forth).