Directed by Vadim Alsayed (class 2017)


Graduation film, Cinematography department


Eliot hasn’t seen his family for years. After suffering a family tragedy, both his mother and sister try to get him off his seclusion. That’s an opportunity for Eliot to be reunited with his family. Will he grafp this opportunity ?


Script : Oriane Morriet, Martin Lecointe, Vadim Alsayed
Production : Flore Cavigneaux, Caroline Demopoulos
Director of photography : Vadim Alsayed
Cameraman : Victor Chwalczynski, Paloma Pineda , Gilles Féron (steadicam)
Sound engineering : Lucas Rollin, Guy Tourreau
Production design : Anna Ostasenko Bogdanoff
Continuity : Noëllie Maugard
Image editing : Julien Soudet
Sound editing : Julien Soudet, Thomas Van Pottelberge, Guy Tourreau
Sound Mix : Léonard Accorsi
Film directing assistant : Tancrède delvolve


Duration : 21’
Genre : Fiction
Shooting format : HD
Screening format : DCP, 1.66, color