Media partners

La Fémis is the partner of the association France Culture/Libération Cinéma which, since September 2013, has promoted a new release each month and confers an annual film award.

The films selected feature in a series of monthly screenings and masterclases, reserved for students of the School. Each masterclass is recorded and broadcast on France Culture Plus, France Culture’s web campus.

What’s more, the School is associated with the Prix du Cinéma that France Culture and Libération award each year at the Cannes Film Festival.

To pick the winners, a joint pre-selection committee has been formed by France Culture and Libération. The judges include Antoine Guillot, Alain Kruger, Gaëlle Michel and Marc Voinchet for France Culture and Bruno Icher, Gérard Lefort, Didier Péron and Olivier Séguret for Libération, led by Sandrine Treiner, assistant editorial director at France Culture and Sylvain Bourmeau, her counterpart at Libération.