Ghost Variations

Directed by Mathieu Kauffmann (class 2017)


Graduation film, Cinematography department


One night, the composer Robert Schumann hears angels dictating him a divine melody. He starts to compose what will be his last work, the Ghost Variations.


Script : Iris de Jessay, Mathieu Kauffmann
Production : Marie-Mars Prieur
Director of photography : Mathieu Kauffmann
Cameraman : Anaïs Ruales
Sound engineering : Geoffrey Perrier
Production design : Marion Briec, Karine Boutroy
Continuity : Manon Verdeil
Image editing : Lucas Marchina
Sound editing : Geoffrey Perrier
Sound Mix : Mikhael Kurc
Film directing assistant : Simon Perrier


Duration : 17’40
Genre : Fiction
Shooting format : HD
Screening format : DCP, 1.85, color


•International Short Film competition, Bethlehem Student Film Festival 2019 (Palestine)
•Compétition courts métrages, Rencontres Cinématographiques de Cannes 2018 (France)
•Compétition courts métrages, Festival International Film Fiction Historique 2018, Plaisance-Du-Touch (France)
•Programme courts métrages, French Film Festival 2018, Richmond, Virginie (USA)