International Associations GEECT and CILECT

La Fémis is a member of both CILECT and GEECT. Marc Nicolas, the former General Director of La Fémis, was President of the GEECT from 2006 until 2014. The school has also been a member of CILECT’s Executive Council since 2006.
In 2002, La Fémis organised the first meetings between film schools to discuss common educational issues and encourage exchange programmes for students between the member schools in Europe. The School has taken an active and important role in the forum which in 2007 led to the creation of the initial training support programme by the European Commission.

The CILECT - the International Association of Film and Television Schools - was founded in France, the brainchild of Marcel L’Herbier (IDHEC’s President) and Rémy Trousseau (IDHEC’s General Director). Today La Fémis is a member of this international association.

CILECT now counts 180 institutions as members from 60 countries on all continents. It represents over 10,000 teachers and staff who annually train some 60,000 students. CILECT is committed to maintaining extremely high educational standards and encouraging excellent inter-regional cooperation between its members.

The GEECT - European Grouping of Film and Television Schools - composed of 93 member schools in 34 countries, aims to promote and stimulate cooperation between higher education and research institutions in the field of film and television as well as between the teaching body and students of these schools and between industry professionals with the suitable breadth of knowledge and years of teaching, practical and/or research experience in film and television.

Cooperation between the members of the association, encouraged through conferences and meetings, also pursues a core objective to raise teaching standards and innovate and improve the content and teaching methods for future professional creatives in the film and television sectors and film studies teachers.

The GEECT comes together twice a year, in February for the occasion of the Berlin Film Festival and then for the CILECT conference in autumn, which defines the various activities of the association and encourages European schools to organise one or two conferences annually on themes that would attract members to share their know-how and expertise.

In recent years, one to two conferences a year have brought participants from European schools together to discuss the following topics:

  • ’ Teaching Documentary’ organised by ZeLIG in Bolzano in April 2018,
  • ’Report Music and Sound Design Film and New Media’ organised by Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vinlius in September 2017,
  • ’Training the Trainers: Reboot’ organised by the Norske Filmskolen à Lillehammer in May 2017,
  • ’Lights, camera, interaction!" organized by the Aalto University in Helsinki in June 2016.