Summer University

The Summer University is a two-month programme supported by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. It aims to help participants acquire the essential tools for making documentary films and develop their artistic approach.

Target audience: 15 young professionals from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe (outside the European Union) who are awarded a grant from the French Embassy.
Age : 30 years old maximum.

It is possible to apply three times maximum for a place at the Summer University. It is not possible to apply more than three times.

The Summer University offers to young professionals from all over the world the possibility to work as part of a team and provides a unique opportunity to meet and talk about common areas of interest. It is also a great opportunity to become part of a global network of young professionals.

The course runs in June and July.

Students for this course are selected on the basis of the application files which they have completed. These files require information about students’ personal backgrounds, educational and professional experience and skills. A resume, a motivation letter, the confirmation of their proficiency in French and a film they have made or participated in are also required.

These files are sent over to La Fémis by the embassies which, after approving the grant application, send out the information on the programme to the candidates and invite them to sit for a French language exam. The files are examined by a committee comprising the programme’s directing tutors and a representative from the Ministry of Europe Foreign Affairs.

Important: fluency in French is essential.


  • Technical refresher, practical filming exercises
  • Workshops : filming using a mobile phone (Benoît Labourdette), “start/end of day” workshop (Claire Simon), sound workshop (Daniel Deshays)
  • Film screenings and masterclasses with experienced documentary directors. 2019 directors included: Claire Simon (Le Concours), Yolande Zauberman (M), Hendrick Dusollier (Derniers Jours à Shibati), Stan Neumann (Une Maison à Prague), Julien Faraut (L’Empire de la perfection), Mehran Tamadon (Iranien).
  • Encounters with movie producers specialized in co-productions
  • Each participant is required to make a 10-minute documentary film. Participants get to work in the different areas of filmmaking: writing, location scouting, shooting, editing, mixing. In turn, students carry out the different roles working within a small filming unit supervised by an experienced tutor/director.

Please specify your age and nationality if you require more information.