Overview of Introduction to novel to screen adaptation

The aim of Introduction to novel to screen adaptation is to train seven literary writers on the specifics of adapting a literary text for the big screen.

Target audience: literary writers.


  • Grasp the specific considerations of adapting a literary work for the screen.
  • Learn the key elements of screenwriting.
  • Acquire the skills for analysing screenplays for films.
  • Learn to analyse your own screenwriting and adopt your own working method.

During this course, writers will be required to:

  • Adapt a literary novel into a short film screenplay including dialogue.
  • Devise the project dossier (statement of intent, synopsis, dialogue scenes) for the adaptation of a novel written by you.


This workshop is opened only to French-fluent participants who will work on a French-written screenplay.
Here is the full and updated presentation in French, with admission process infos and dates, session dates, application and tuition fees, etc.


Carine Burstein
Project Manager
+33 (0)1 53 41 21 12