SACRe PhD program (PSL)

La Fémis joined the research and higher education institution entitled PSL Research University as an associate member in November 2012. These institutions have become communities of universities following the higher education and research bill adopted by French parliament in July 2013.

For information regarding SACRe PhD program in 2019, please visit this page: SACRe PhD program

For application guidelines, please download the PDF file below.

The CUEs (Communities of Universities and Institutions) were set up to help schools locally partner up on teaching and research activities to coordinate their respective programmes and pool activities and resources. The aim of the CUEs is to become an effective instrument for establishing new partnerships between higher education institutions. Ten CUEs have been set up in the Paris region (PSL, Sorbonne Université, Sorbonne Paris Cité, Hesam, Paris Tech, Campus Condorcet, Paris Lumières, Université Paris Est, UniverSud Paris, Université Paris Grand-Ouest).

PSL (Paris Sciences et Lettres) is a strategic alliance between 20 higher education and research institutions.

Founding members:

Associate members:

Research organisations:

  • CNRS (founding member),
  • INSERM (founding member),
  • INRIA (associate member).

PSL is a case apart as it brings together several of the ’grandes écoles’ under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Culture - ENSBA, ENSAD, CNSAD, CNSMDP - with which La Fémis has already fostered partnerships that will now be made even stronger.

For La Fémis, its association with PSL first and foremost entails participating in the Science, Art, Creation and Research (SACRe) programme that offers a PhD in ’art and design’ which differs from a classic film studies doctorate.

In the future, this participation will help the School forge closer links with art schools in Paris that are also PSL members. Alongside existing partnerships with the CNSAD for first and third year workshops; with ENSAD for the ’film poster’ workshop and the CNSMDP for the third-year workshop on film scores, the School will be in a position to develop new projects, particularly in the field of research. La Fémis also hopes to initiate other collaborations with other PSL members in the areas of teaching and research.

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