Overview of Pitch and promote a documentary film project

The “Pitch and promote a documentary film project” workshop offers filmmakers, baring a documetary film in development, the means to better present their project, better express its issues and have written and filmed documents ready in order to convince prospective partners. The end of the workshop is a professional pitching session to a panel of producers, institutionnal representatives, etc.

Target audience: documentary film directors with a work-in-progress project (both in wrinting or in production phase).


  • Be able to present a documentary film project with clarity, concision and efficiency, adapted to your style and to your contact. Different presentation situtations will be tested: forum, round-table, informal meeting.
  • Justify and argue your artistic and narrative choices.
  • Defend the story told, its originality, its impact on the audience.
  • Receive guidance on the trailer or a selection of exploratory film rushes.
  • Prepare bief writtent documents accompanying an oral pitch.
  • Situate both the project and yourself in the current documentary production ecosystem (roles and specificities of coproducers, distributors, broadcasters).
  • Present your project in a round-table pitching session to a panel of professionnals and get their feedback.


This workshop is opened only to French-fluent participants who will work on a French-written documents and a French-speaking pitching session.
Here is the full and updated presentation in French, with admission process infos and dates, session dates, application and tuition fees, etc.


Helena Fantl
Project Manager
+33 (0)1 53 41 21 42