Producing Department

Department overview by Pascal Caucheteux and Christophe Rossignon, Heads of the Producing Department, and Philip Boëffard and Jacqueline Borne, Assistant Heads of the Producing Department.

"The core principles that guided how this programme was devised are:

—  Training producers by developing their business acumen as well as their artistic, interpersonal and other skills. This principle will apply to all the films students will get to make during the programme.

- An approach to teaching that puts the focus firmly on action (to allow students to develop the requisite autonomy and sense of responsibility) and the acquisition of knowledge.

—  Choosing tutors from all walks of life who are up to speed on the latest developments in the industry and are a true reflection of the diversity of disciplines, resources and points of view. The aim is to introduce the students to the multitude of ways of producing found in France and abroad. Our aim is not to hold one model up as the right way or to lay down rules, but rather to give each student the tools of the trade to equip them with the means to develop their own professional project.

—  An objective to maximise the chances of producing students finding work in the industry by driving students towards opportunities available outside the School: participation in two festivals, an exchange programme with Japan and internships during the second and third years.

—  Developing co-producing opportunities with the other departments, the other years and also with the Distribution/Cinema Management Department and the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris. The aim is to encourage the fusion of the diversity and richness of personal experience and the creative freedom of film that drives us all.

The department training offers as comprehensive as possible an approach to the multiple aspects of the craft of producing, structured from an in-depth analysis of the film production industry and extended to include the writing and producing of TV series in the third year.

Wherever possible, special attention is given to the pace of learning, the alternation between modules (theory-based or practical, artistic or technical) and the necessity for students to further their training year on year."