Une Colline (The Hill)

Directed by Diana Munteanu (promotion 2016)


Graduation film, directing department


Dorina goes to Transylvania with her father in order to measure and sell the land her mother left them as a heritage. While striding along the hill, she realizes that confronting her past is harder than she thought it would be. Meanwhile, at the village, the wheels ceremony is being prepared.


Script : Diana Munteanu (class 2016), en collaboration avec Adina Dulcu (Atelier scénario 2014)
Production : Margaux Juvénal (class 2016)
Director of photography : Alexandra de Saint-Blanquat
Cameraman : Alexandra de Saint-Blanquat
Sound engineering : Antoine Bertucci (class 2016)
Production design : Alexandru Remus Gabor
Continuity : Pierre Cazeaux (class 2017)
Image editing : Souliman Schelfout (class 2016)
Sound editing :Maxence Dussère (class 2015) and Antonin Guerre
Sound Mix : Lucas Doméjean (class 2016)
Film directing assistant : Tudor Botezatu

With Maria Mitu, Teodor Corban, Stefan Pavel, Mircea Andreescu, Andrei Shendrea


—  Compétition internationale, Festival Silhouette 2017, Parc de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge, Paris (France)
—  Compétition internationale court et moyen métrage, EntreVues Belfort, festival international du film 2016 (France)

Running time 27’
Genre Fiction
Shooting format Video
Screening format DCP, 1.85, color, 5.1