Sentinelles (Sentinels)

Directed by Souliman Schelfout (class 2016)


Graduation film, editing department


We now know that, of all the celestial bodies in the Universe, Earth is a young and ordinary planet. Therefore, there is a high statistical probability that life has appeared elsewhere. Statistically, “they” should be here, and we should be able to see them… So where are they ?


Script : Souliman Schelfout (class 2016)
Production : Dimitri Krassoulia (class 2016)
Director of photography : Souliman Schelfout (class 2016) & Kristy Baboul (promotion 2016)
Sound engineering : Souliman Schelfout (class 2016), Lucas Doméjean (promotion 2016), Antoine Bertucci (class 2016) et Charlotte Philippot
Image editing : Souliman Schelfout (class 2016)
Sound editing : Souliman Schelfout (class 2016)
Sound Mix : Antoine Bertucci (class 2016)


—  Panorama Fémis, Premiers Plans - Angers Film Festival 2017 (France)

Running time 52’18’’
Genre Documentary
Shooting format SD Canon 60D
Screening format DCP, 1.85, color/B&W