Research in learning

The school’s approach to learning is set up to allow students to carry out a personal research project in the final year.

A degree from La Fémis is the culmination of years of study designed to advance the student towards a state of autonomy to carry out his or her end-of-year project consisting of a research paper tied in with a practical creative project.

During the programme, the student is trained both in mastering the various technical tools required of the specialisation and acquiring an instinctive use of these tools and feel for the creative process. These educational goals are achieved through a combination of practical exercises and workshops and theory and analysis developed through seminars, conferences and classwork on film culture and film history. The introduction of a PhD in ’art and design’ as part of the SACRe programme is an opportunity for La Fémis graduates to pursue research in an area explored during the degree programme.

This is translated by a collection of modules that introduces the field of research into student learning. ’Knowledge-Culture-Creation’ groups together the activities that encourage students to broaden their understanding of critical film analysis, the creative process and the technical and financial environment. It includes the following modules: film analysis and cinematographic culture (monthly sessions); guest filmmakers from overseas; history of cinema working from a list of 208 films, and research seminars (Les Rencontres de La Fémis which is the module most closely related to a specific area of research led by the School. First introduced in 2011, these research seminars are organised twice a year and aim to bring together leading industry experts and university tutors on the questions raised. The seminars are structured around two themes: one explores current artistic challenges in the area of film and the other looks at relevant financial and technical issues.

What’s more, cooperation with other film schools in Europe has taken physical form through the European Film School Network, a programme of research seminars organised by La Fémis. This three day seminar devised in partnership with the London Film School and the VSMU in Slovakia aims to broaden the learning options and areas of excellence at each school. Over 30 film school representatives participate in these annual gatherings.

The SACRe PhD programme with the PSL

La Fémis’ membership in the PSL Research University(PSL) will bolster its relations with the other schools within the French Ministry of Culture and Communication’s remit (ENSAD, ENSBA, CNSMDP and CNSAD) that are also part of this research and higher education institution and favour the development of new research programmes. Accordingly, La Fémis has put in place an original ’art and design’ doctoral programme as part of PSL’s ’Science Art Creation Research’ (SACRe) project. At the junction of art and science, this programme offers a practical approach to creativity and theoretical thinking. It aims to find synergies between the arts, design, music, film and the performing arts.