Rageuses (Anger)

Directed by Kahina Asnoun (La Résidence 2016)


Graduation film, La Résidence 2016


Two sisters, Sana and Khalissa, live in a ghetto called “the 4000” in a suburb city. Ever since Sana failed at school, the sisters have no longer been able to communicate.


Script : Kahina Asnoun (La Résidence 2016)
Production : Yannick Beauquis (class 2015)
Director of photography : Eva Sehet (class 2014)
Cameraman : Eva Sehet (class 2014)
Sound engineering : Hugo Deguillard
Production design : Helaine Zurcher
Continuity : Noëllie Maugard (class 2015)
Image editing : Noémie Fy
Sound editing : Nassim El Mounabbih
Sound Mix : Agathe Poche (class 2015)
Film directing assistant : Alexandre Regol

With Inès Asnoun, Lyna Khoudri, Baya Belal.


—  Short film competition, French Film Festival “ColCoa 2017”, Los Angeles (Etats-Unis)
—  International short competition, LA Film Festival (Etats-Unis)
—  Panorama Fémis, Premiers Plans - Angers Film Festival 2017 (France)
—  Hors Compétition, Festival Cinébanlieue 2016 (France)
—  Compétition « Jeunes espoirs », Festival Jean Carmet 2016, Moulins sur Allier (France)

Running time 14’41’’
Genre Fiction
Shooting format HD Sony F5
Screening format DCP, 2.39, color, 5.1