Pour voler (To Fly)

Directed by Pauline Rambeau de Baralon (class 2016)


Graduation film, directing department


Michel takes a bus back to his hometown. When he arrives, he meets a young woman who will stick to him to the end. Michel comes back to fly. Together, they will experience his way back.


Script : Pauline Rambeau de Baralon (class 2016)
Production : Sophie Penson (class 2016)
Director of photography : Evgenia Alexandrova (class 2016)
Cameraman : Evgenia Alexandrova (class 2016)
Sound engineering : Saoussen Tatah (class 2016)
Continuity : Manon Verdeil (class 2015)
Image editing : Manon Falise (class 2016)
Sound editing : Paul Guilloteau (class 2016)
Sound Mix : Tristan Lhomme (class 2016)
Film directing assistant : Camille Petit

Running time 23’15"Retour ligne automatique
Genre Fiction film Retour ligne automatique
Shooting format Video Retour ligne automatique
Screening format DCP, 1.77, black and white, 5.1