Overview of the Screenwriting Workshop

This one-year professional programme for 21 participants, selected by competitive exam, split into three workshops directed by Jacques Akchoti, Eve Deboise and Nadine Lamari, aims to show students how to write a full-length film screenplay and also acquire the technical skills and knowledge required for writing for the big screen.

Target audience: writers, directors and professionals working in the audiovisual and performance sectors.

  • Develop and write a screenplay for a full-length fiction for the cinema.
    Explore the specific components of screenwriting: structure, dramatic composition, characterisation, etc.
  • Cultivate your imagination and a personal working method.
    Broaden your knowledge of screenwriting.
  • Consider the place of the spectator.
  • Learn to present and defend your project in professional situations.
  • Acquire the analytical and critical skills for reading screenplays.


Application deadline: 12 September 2013
Course dates: 14 January - 17 December 2014.
Length: 244 hours at the School
Frequency: 3 days a month
Cost per participant: €6,800 (professional training grants available, please enquire)
Registration fee: €110


Carine Burstein, course manager: +33 (0)1 53 41 21 12
Emeline Delacour, assistant: +33 (0)1 53 41 21 40