The School is governed by a board of 17 members. The Chair of the board is appointed by decree.
The School is managed by a General Director also appointed by decree.
The School’s operations are organised into four main departments: programmes, technical services, external relations and continuous education, and finance and administration.
Alongside the board, the school has two statutory bodies to facilitate communication and dialogue: the Professional Committee and the Education Committee.

Chair of the board: Raoul Peck, director

Qualified personalities (appointed for a term of three years by the Minister of Culture and Communication in June 2014):
Ms. Ariane ASCARIDE, actress
Mr. Bruno NAHON, producer
Ms. Nathalie COSTE-CERDAN, responsible Cinéma, Canal +
Ms. Laetitia MASSON, director, writer
Ms. Judith LOUIS, responsible fictions, Arte
Ms. Agnes DE SACY, screenwriter

Alternate members:
Ms. Crystel FOURNIER, director of photography
Mr. Pierre-Michel MENGER, sociologist, professor at the College de France
Ms. Mariana OTERO, director
Mr. Richard PATRY, director of theater
Mr. Olivier PÈRE, responsible Arte Cinema
Ms. Axelle Ropert, director

The school staff comprises 60 permanent employees over 5 departments, and 25 department heads. There is no permanent teaching staff as over 500 working professionals ensure the artistic and technical training.

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